Latest Updates
Sysinternals Suite Build 13.02.2023
Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities in a Single Suite
0 / 3,801
50.8 Mb
Password Cracker
Passwords recovery tool
0 / 7,559
0.155273 Mb
Passwordstate 9.8 Build 9849
Keep your passwords safe with this reliable web-based application
0 / 2,037
477 Mb
Silver Key Free Edition USB
Safeguard your data by password-protecting it with this reliable tool
0 / 1,735
93.7 Mb
GridinSoft Anti-Malware 4.3.11
An effective and user friendly malware removal application
0 / 10,743
0.863281 Mb
A small application that lets you store passwords and account data in an encrypted file
0 / 1,622
72.8 Mb
Dashlane 6.2406.0
Generate and manage a wide variety of secure passwords with this handy and easy to use application
0 / 3,244
15.9 Mb
Windows Defender Definition Updates February 13, 2024
Latest Windows Defender definition updates
0 / 51,116
131 Mb
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Scan your system for rogue processes, corrupted registries or other faulty components and attempt to fix them with this application
53 / 2,660
12.5 Mb
A password manager that can safely store login and credit card information, allowing you to access them on portable devices as well
31 / 1,456
45.6 Mb
Thor (Heimdal PRO) 2.5.173
Filter your traffic, scan for vulnerabilities, patch and update important third-party software using this straightforward and reliable software solution that helps improve the security of your home PC or corporate network
25 / 2,034
1.4 Mb
OnionFruit Connect 2023.1223.0
Access the Tor network in the blink of an eye by resorting to this lightweight app that ensures your anonymity while surfing the web, regardless of your choice of browser
27 / 2,025
30.7 Mb
WindowsSpyBlocker 4.39.0
Enforce the security on your computer by adding extra Firewall and NCSI rules to protect your PC from potentially harmful web domains
25 / 1,422
6.6 Mb
Secure File Deleter 6.13
Safely and permanently delete files from your computer in an easy, efficient manner by relying on this lightweight application that features a simple interface
23 / 1,305
1.9 Mb
NoVirusThanks Smart PC Locker Pro
Lock your computer and keep it safe from unauthorized access, by asking for a password after the system has been inactive for a few minutes
23 / 1,612
2.5 Mb
EventSentry Light
Complex utility for monitoring and saving log files regarding one or multiple computers, designed for displaying a complete overview of evemts.
26 / 1,343
119 Mb
FULL-DISKfighter 1.5.19
Recover valuable space and optimize your hard drive by deleting downloads, duplicate items, temporary Internet files, old Windows update items, service pack updates, logs, as well as other junk files
26 / 1,392
2.6 Mb
FinalCrypt 6.8.0
Encrypt your data using large cipher files that cannot be generated during a brute force attack
56 / 2,189
54.1 Mb
Agent DVR
Connect to an unlimited number of cameras remotely with no port forwarding and with end to end SSL security
23 / 1,650
0.124023 Mb
Auslogics Windows Slimmer
A maintenance tool for Windows, allowing you to uninstall applications and get rid of unnecessary data, including old Windows versions
30 / 1,626
19.4 Mb
Windows USB Blocker 5.0
Simple-to-handle piece of software that helps you block your USB flash drives with a simple click
20 / 1,746
5.8 Mb
UltraSurf 21.32
Secure your Internet browsing sessions by using a solid proxy connection
350 / 8,321
3.2 Mb
Buttercup 2.25.0
Securely store and organize all your passwords with multi-platform support
177 / 1,358
64.7 Mb
AskAdmin 2.0
Block applications from being launched and restrict the access to any other type of file easily and effectively
190 / 1,324
1.2 Mb
Browser Password Decryptor 15.0
An easy-to-use web browser password recovery tool for the most popular application out there featuring some very witty algorithms
79 / 1,445
5.2 Mb
Social Password Decryptor 12.0
Recover lost passwords for different web browsers and instant messaging utilities
76 / 1,129
4.7 Mb
360 Ransomware Decryption Tools
A software utility that promises to become a real weapon against ransomware, providing a quick way for you to decrypt locked files
37 / 1,160
11.6 Mb
Advanced PassGen 2.5.0
Easily generate simple or complex passwords using customizable parameters
45 / 8,248
2.1 Mb