Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer: Development and management IDE for Oracle

Oracle SQL Developer is a free IDE (integrated development environment) application for Oracle Database. The IDE allows the development and management of databases by offering a complete suite of solutions for development.

The software comes with all the necessary tools and functions for database development, offering a powerful editor for your PL/SQL applications as well as a platform for testing and deploying various SQL scripts and queries.

Oracle SQL Developer comes with a modern interface, organized in two distinct panels, left one being used for object selection and the right for exploring the details of each selected object. The application also offers a very powerful database migration tool to convert non-Oracle databases with ease. You can connect to various databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Access, or IBM DB2, and import various objects and data to your current Oracle database.

While Oracle SQL Developer is aimed towards more advanced users, if you want to learn to manage and create Oracle databases, the software does an extremely good job of simplifying development.

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    Jan 07, 2023
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